Personal Security


Conexus LLC. has formed a network of over 700 retired federal agents across the country that have spent a professional lifetime examining security issues.    We concentrate on security services, consulting and program management.  Because of our rich backgrounds, we can provide services that are unmatched in the protection/security readiness field. We can assure you that security is our business.

Security Consulting

Develop a list of existing threats and future potential personal security risks.

The threat list will include those potential threats that may occur in the future caused by probable circumstances, such as an economic instability, increased homelessness, unemployment and increased hostility toward the federal government.

Security Procedure

Prioritize the list of threats/risks in terms of which ones are most likely to occur.

             a) Identification / Analysis of threat
             b) Identify Vulnerabilities
             c) Risk Assessment Analysis
             d) Proposed solutions to mitigate risk
             e) Projected cost associated with each recommendation to correct vulnerability

Conexus Security Team

We hire a large network of former federal agents who are available to offer security solutions to government entities involved in Homeland Security initiatives.  Our personnel conduct threat and vulnerability assessments, provide security solutions, offer advice on critical infrastructure protection and are available to respond in the event of a major disaster or terrorist attack.