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Conexus LLC, located in the heart of San Diego, "America's Finest City" with satellite offices in Honolulu Hawaii and Ashburn Virginia. Great architecture and beautiful landscapes are similar to the delicate integration of communication systems, each must be designed with form, function and purpose. Conexus designs and develops all products and service solutions with passion, dedication and excellence.

The dedicated professionals of Conexus LLC are committed to providing optimized communication and IT solutions for your enterprise needs. The Conexus Team has a vision to bridge DoD technology with the commercial sector via technology transfer and rapid prototyping.

Conexus was founded in July 2004 as Systems Integration California Limited Liability Company. Conexus is an 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business that was Certified in July 2005. Conexus is a GSA Advantage! multiple award schedule vendor IT-70 GS-35F-0664S.

 Conexus can provide corporate security consuliting. We can conduct vulnerability assessment of your facilities and develop comprehensive security plans

Conexus was CALTRANS DBE Certified January 2007. Conexus has a primary NAICS Codes: 541330 for Engineering Services.

Conexus invites you to join our envisioned journey to develop and deploy optimized communication and IT solutions that connects us all.

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Contract Overview

In 2002, the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) promulgated Sea Power 21 to provide a framework to align, organize and integrate the U.S. Navy to meet the wide variety of challenges that lie ahead. To meet Sea Power 21 objectives and to increase efficiency, the NAVSEA Warfare Centers established the SeaPort Enhanced (Seaport-e) Multiple Award Contract (MAC) vehicle. This contract vehicle utilizes a web-based, e-business procurement portal, to facilitate performance-based service acquisition, leverage buying power, improve business intelligence and reduce cycle time. In October 2004, the Virtual SYSCOM Commanders formalized an agreement to expand the ordering community of SeaPort-e to include all Virtual SYSCOM activities and to leverage the success of SeaPort-e in achieving the aforementioned objectives across the Virtual SYSCOM. Additionally, other Navy activities, including the Military Sealift Command, Strategic Systems Programs, and the United States Marine Corps have chosen to use SeaPort-e.

Conexus Contract Number: N00178-10-D-5966
Clients: SPAWAR Command and SPAWAR Systems Center, NAVSEA Warfare Centers, NAVSEA Headquarters, its PEOs, and Field Activities, USMC, Office of Naval Research (ONR), Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
Contract Period of Performance: 1 April 2010 through 14 April 2019 (including award term options)
Contract Place of Performance: All Seven (7) Geographic Zones
Available Order Types: CPFF, CPIF, CPAF, FFP, FPIF 


To provide services, in response to task orders issued under this contract by the Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Air Systems Command, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Naval Supply Systems Command, Military Sealift Command, Naval Facilities Command, Strategic Systems Programs, Office of Naval Research, and the United States Marine Corps, that potentially span the entire spectrum of mission areas supported by the activities and technical capabilities that comprise the various ordering offices, as well as provide professional support services to the overall Navy, and Marine Corps organizations. Services within the functional areas identified below, may be performed under this contract for new product areas, programs, or missions, which are assigned to these activities during the life of the contract. Additionally, activities may provide limited support under this contract to other Department of Defense (DoD), non-DoD, or Joint agencies for work that is integrally related to product areas and mission. Services to be provided under this contract are categorized into 22 functional services areas as follows:

1. Research and Development Support

2. Engineering, System Engineering, and Process Engineering Support

3. Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support

4. Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model-Making, and Fabrication Support

5. System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support

6. Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support

7. Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RM&A) Support

8. Human Factors, Performance, and Usability Engineering Support

9. System Safety Engineering Support

10. Configuration Management (CM) Support

11. Quality Assurance (QA) Support

12. Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support

13. Inactivation and Disposal Support

14. Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, and Trials Support

15. IS Measurement Facilities, Range, and Instrumentation Support

16. Logistics Support

17. Supply and Provisioning Support

18. Training Support

19. In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation, and Checkout Support

20. Program Support

21. Functional and Administrative Support

22. Public Affairs and Multimedia Support



Stanley Associates,

Indus Technology, Inc.,

Technology Unlimited Group,

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Task Orders

Conexus Task Orders Received:

TO 0001    15 July 2010




Defense Communications

Satellite Communications & Software Defined Radios

Satellite Communications and Shipboard Communications. 

Tactical Variant Switch/Line-of-Sight (LOS) Exterior Communications

Ship Architectural System Engineering

Tactical Voice Communication & Remote Control Architecture

System Design, Simulation and Analysis

Emergency Communications

Freedome4Wireless (F4W) is a developer of proprietary 4th Generation Mobile Broadband Wireless Services applications and products. F4W’s unique tactical network products for Public Safety and Vertical Industries create mobile ad hoc networks designed for specific use and function. These self-forming networks and unique collaboration software provide secure, simple to use networks that provide real-time video, VoIP, and data services to users wherever they are, whenever they need it. Broadband service when you need it, where you need it, at any speed.

F4W TWEB Product Line

F4W’s TWEB products provide unique and critically needed tactical networks that are adaptable for first responders’ interoperability. These self-forming and self-healing incident area networks revolutionize field command and control by providing true ad hoc peer-to-peer broadband data, video, and voice communications without the need for a fixed infrastructure. TWEB users are the network; providing effective communications when existing communications infrastructures have been destroyed or do not exist.

TWEB provides turnkey incident area networks for First Responders and Supplement Responders, including:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Firefighting Services
  • Emergency Medical Service (EMS)
  • Emergency Management
  • Environmental Health/Hazardous Materials Specialists
  • Homeland Security and Defense Units
  • Search and Rescue Teams
  • Transportation Personnel


  • Easy to Deploy, Peer-to-Peer Ad Hoc Incident Communications
  • Mobile Data, Video, and VoIP at the Incident, even if other systems have failed
  • Remote Incident Video Monitoring by Command at the scene or at headquarters
  • Scalable Inter-Operability with Jurisdictional and Extended Area Networks
  • T-1 speed connection even as Responders move or redeploy
  • Self-Forming, Self-Healing, and Self Balancing End-to-End IP Network Incident Area Equipment and Personnel Tracking and Location Capability

F4W First Responders Incident Area Network

First Responders Incident Area Network™ is a self-forming peer-to-peer wireless network that provides first response teams the ability to communicate mission critical data with video, and voice back-up instantly upon arriving at an incident site, regardless of location or conditions. The first responders to an incident site must have reliable and survivable communications between team members. TWEB First Responder Incident Area Networks provide communications even if existing networks have been compromised (i.e., destroyed or inundated with civilian traffic) or if there is no communications infrastructure at all (i.e., in a mine or subway tunnel).

First Responders VBN-TB 29 (Vehicle Based Network)

  • (5) USB Camera with Goose neck
  • (5) Panasonic Toughbook 29 Laptop computers
  • (5) Motorola WMC6300 PCMCIA card
  • (5) 1 watt 2.4 GHz Amplifier
  • (5) 5dBi Antenna - Permanent Mount
  • (5) Toughbook Auto Adapter and F4W Install Kit
  • (5) Notebook Computer Mounts for Vehicle
  • (1) Tactica - TeamLeader
  • (5) Tactica - Responder

F4W Surveillance System

Command Plus 4 Surveillance System™ (C4) is a portable, rapidly deployable, wireless video monitoring system that provides on-demand surveillance capabilities. Security is a predominant topic in most if not all companies, municipalities, and governments. F4W™ along with its partners offers the only tactical, reusable, mobile wireless surveillance solution. The system is easy to deploy – less than 30 minutes – and can be monitored from moving vehicles.

Surveillance System C4-SNY

  • (4) Camera Vandal-Proof Housing
  • (4) Sony Camera CCTV IP PTZ
  • (4) F4W Candy Cane
  • (4) Case
  • (5) Motorola EWR 6300 DC
  • (5) 8dBi Antenna
  • (4) F4W MOD II - 4 Meter Mast
  • (4) F4W Mounting Pole Adapter
  • (4) Primary Guying - 4 Meter
  • (1) Monitor & Keyboard
  • (1) 5U Rack Case
  • (1) HP ProLiant DL360 G4 Video Server
  • (5) F4W Field Power Kits
  • (5) Tactica - Rendezview Software
  • (1) Sony Real Shot Manager Software

F4W Command Control

TWEB™ Incident Area Command Control Network™ (IACC) is the next generation of field command and control. The TWEB IACC solution provides private and public entities with superior capabilities needed to meet the mission critical requirements of today as well as into the future. Broadband communications for data, real-time video and VoIP are established within minutes, not days – even if the existing communications network has been compromised (i.e., man-made or natural disaster) or if there is no available communications infrastructure at all (i.e., in a mine or subway tunnel).

VSAT service is included with the purchase of the IACC, providing connectivity to anywhere in the world. Federal and State agencies can now receive real-time data and video from any incident site. The IACC provides survivable communications when others systems have failed.

Command Control VSAT

  • (2) VoIP Video phone
  • (1) 8dBi Antenna
  • (1) Motorola IAP 6300 AC
  • (1) KVM Switch Cable Kits 6-ft.
  • (1) Monitor Keyboard with 8 Port KVM
  • (1) Rackmount Power Strip (10 outlets)
  • (1) Windows App. Server HP ProLiant DL360
  • (1) Linux App. Server HP ProLiant DL360
  • (1) Case 7U Rack Mount SlimLine
  • (1) Tachyon .75 AutoDeploy VSAT
  • (1) 256kX1.5 17GB per month VSAT (1yr.)
  • (2) VoIP Phone Service (1yr.)
  • (1) Tactica Commander Software
  • (1) Storm Case

F4W Tactica

Tactica Responder™ and Tactica Team Leader™ are proprietary, encrypted software tools designed to enable secure and easy collaboration with team members, associates, customers, and company resources – any time, anywhere – using virtually any method of communication over the Internet or an intranet. Tactica’s revolutionary design enables it to function in the presence or absence of a server, providing the freedom and flexibility to share ideas, solutions, and challenges in virtually any environment. In addition, Team Leader™ provides easy and quick to use tools to change log directory location, Tactica server address, IP, and font size of chat, video-chats, and instant messaging text. Create a Command Group from available Tactica Responder™ team members and conduct secure, private communications – chat, instant message, view and send video and audio, and transfer files.


  • Communicate online using standard Internet and other common network protocols in wired, wireless, or hybrid network environments. Communicate over any ad hoc, peer-to-peer, mesh, centralized, mobile, or fixed network architecture. No server necessary.
  • Collaborate and exchange information and ideas online using real-time video, VoIP, text messaging (chat room & instant message), and file transfers.
  • Audit and spatially track network user behavior and network node viability to make better use of personnel and resources.
  • Access familiar desktop applications, and more, directly from Tactica’s intuitive user interface.