Energo Tactica 2.0 Software

Energo Tactica Software

Energo Tactica is a convergent communications application that delivers true Dynamic Interoperability by providing Convergence and Interoperability to users anywhere, regardless of network or device. This one-of-a-kind solution provides the ability to run an array of application functionality across ad hoc, peer-to-peer, wide area, cellular IP, Ethernet, wide area wireless and VSAT networks. Additionally, users may customize Energo Tactica by integrating the applications they use on a daily basis. Extend your critical applications and networks easily, without the requirement of expensive servers, routers and a third party VPN.

Minimum Requirements

*256MB RAM * Pentium III, 500MHz or equivalent * 3MB free disc space * Windows 2000 or XP

Energo Tactica Provides

  • Voice, video and data applications via any network for any IP device
  • The ability to layer any security protocols you currently employ
  • An easy to use, icon driven interface for quick adoption and a low cost of training
  • An extension of your network to remote users, increasing telework efficiency
  • Administrative controls over user access to applications and functionality
  • Low cost, quick implementation of one-of-a-kind communications application
  • A DHS SAFECOM Program compliant communications application
  • Key component in meeting the National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliance metrics