F4W Command Control

TWEB™ Incident Area Command Control Network™ (IACC) is the next generation of field command and control. The TWEB IACC solution provides private and public entities with superior capabilities needed to meet the mission critical requirements of today as well as into the future. Broadband communications for data, real-time video and VoIP are established within minutes, not days – even if the existing communications network has been compromised (i.e., man-made or natural disaster) or if there is no available communications infrastructure at all (i.e., in a mine or subway tunnel).

VSAT service is included with the purchase of the IACC, providing connectivity to anywhere in the world. Federal and State agencies can now receive real-time data and video from any incident site. The IACC provides survivable communications when others systems have failed.

Command Control VSAT

  • (2) VoIP Video phone
  • (1) 8dBi Antenna
  • (1) Motorola IAP 6300 AC
  • (1) KVM Switch Cable Kits 6-ft.
  • (1) Monitor Keyboard with 8 Port KVM
  • (1) Rackmount Power Strip (10 outlets)
  • (1) Windows App. Server HP ProLiant DL360
  • (1) Linux App. Server HP ProLiant DL360
  • (1) Case 7U Rack Mount SlimLine
  • (1) Tachyon .75 AutoDeploy VSAT
  • (1) 256kX1.5 17GB per month VSAT (1yr.)
  • (2) VoIP Phone Service (1yr.)
  • (1) Tactica Commander Software
  • (1) Storm Case