F4W First Responders Incident Area Network

First Responders Incident Area Network™ is a self-forming peer-to-peer wireless network that provides first response teams the ability to communicate mission critical data with video, and voice back-up instantly upon arriving at an incident site, regardless of location or conditions. The first responders to an incident site must have reliable and survivable communications between team members. TWEB First Responder Incident Area Networks provide communications even if existing networks have been compromised (i.e., destroyed or inundated with civilian traffic) or if there is no communications infrastructure at all (i.e., in a mine or subway tunnel).

First Responders VBN-TB 29 (Vehicle Based Network)

  • (5) USB Camera with Goose neck
  • (5) Panasonic Toughbook 29 Laptop computers
  • (5) Motorola WMC6300 PCMCIA card
  • (5) 1 watt 2.4 GHz Amplifier
  • (5) 5dBi Antenna - Permanent Mount
  • (5) Toughbook Auto Adapter and F4W Install Kit
  • (5) Notebook Computer Mounts for Vehicle
  • (1) Tactica - TeamLeader
  • (5) Tactica - Responder