F4W Tactica

Tactica Responder™ and Tactica Team Leader™ are proprietary, encrypted software tools designed to enable secure and easy collaboration with team members, associates, customers, and company resources – any time, anywhere – using virtually any method of communication over the Internet or an intranet. Tactica’s revolutionary design enables it to function in the presence or absence of a server, providing the freedom and flexibility to share ideas, solutions, and challenges in virtually any environment. In addition, Team Leader™ provides easy and quick to use tools to change log directory location, Tactica server address, IP, and font size of chat, video-chats, and instant messaging text. Create a Command Group from available Tactica Responder™ team members and conduct secure, private communications – chat, instant message, view and send video and audio, and transfer files.


  • Communicate online using standard Internet and other common network protocols in wired, wireless, or hybrid network environments. Communicate over any ad hoc, peer-to-peer, mesh, centralized, mobile, or fixed network architecture. No server necessary.
  • Collaborate and exchange information and ideas online using real-time video, VoIP, text messaging (chat room & instant message), and file transfers.
  • Audit and spatially track network user behavior and network node viability to make better use of personnel and resources.
  • Access familiar desktop applications, and more, directly from Tactica’s intuitive user interface.