US EPA Headquarters Awards Conexus LLC Satellite Commuication Contract

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has contracted and purchased Freedom4Wireless (F4W) satelite hard

U.S. EPA Awards Conexus LLC with Wireless Contract

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has contracted and purchased military grade Freedom4Wireless (F4W

US Coast Guard Pacific Strike Team on-board with Conexus LLC and F4W

US Coast Guard Pacific Strike Team has purchased Freedom4Wireless products from Conexus LLC for video expansion and wireless

F4W Tactica

Tactica Responder™ and Tactica Team Leader™ are proprietary, encrypted software tools designed to enable secure and easy collaboration with team members, associates, customers, and company resources – any time, anywhere – using virtually any method of communication over the Internet or an intranet. Tactica’s revolutionary design enables it to function in the presence or absence of a server, providing the freedom and flexibility to share ideas, solutions, and challenges in virtually any environment. In addition, Team Leader™ provides easy and quick to use tools to change log directory location, Tactica server address, IP, and font size of chat, video-chats, and instant messaging text. Create a Command Group from available Tactica Responder™ team members and conduct secure, private communications – chat, instant message, view and send video and audio, and transfer files.

F4W Command Control

TWEB™ Incident Area Command Control Network™ (IACC) is the next generation of field command and control. The TWEB IACC solution provides private and public entities with superior capabilities needed to meet the mission critical requirements of today as well as into the future. Broadband communications for data, real-time video and VoIP are established within minutes, not days – even if the existing communications network has been compromised (i.e., man-made or natural disaster) or if there is no available communications infrastructure at all (i.e., in a mine or subway tunnel).

VSAT service is included with the purchase of the IACC, providing connectivity to anywhere in the world. Federal and State agencies can now receive real-time data and video from any incident site. The IACC provides survivable communications when others systems have failed.

F4W Surveillance System

Command Plus 4 Surveillance System™ (C4) is a portable, rapidly deployable, wireless video monitoring system that provides on-demand surveillance capabilities. Security is a predominant topic in most if not all companies, municipalities, and governments. F4W™ along with its partners offers the only tactical, reusable, mobile wireless surveillance solution. The system is easy to deploy – less than 30 minutes – and can be monitored from moving vehicles.

F4W First Responders Incident Area Network

First Responders Incident Area Network™ is a self-forming peer-to-peer wireless network that provides first response teams the ability to communicate mission critical data with video, and voice back-up instantly upon arriving at an incident site, regardless of location or conditions. The first responders to an incident site must have reliable and survivable communications between team members. TWEB First Responder Incident Area Networks provide communications even if existing networks have been compromised (i.e., destroyed or inundated with civilian traffic) or if there is no communications infrastructure at all (i.e., in a mine or subway tunnel).

F4W TWEB Product Line

F4W’s TWEB products provide unique and critically needed tactical networks that are adaptable for first responders’ interoperability.

Emergency Communications

Freedome4Wireless (F4W) is a developer of proprietary 4th Generation Mobile Broadband Wireless Services applications and products.

City of Miami Beach Florida Awards Conexus F4W Satellite Contract

The City of Miami Beach Florida purchased a Freedom4Wireless rapid deployment satellite dish system including multiple accoun
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